Affluenza Essay

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Affluenza The United States has transformed from colonies under British rule into a developed country in just hundreds of years. The Industrial Revolution has accelerated development by increasing the amount of products in the same amount of time. The United States is pretty on the outside. However, there is an epidemic called affluenza that affects the lifestyles of millions of people within the nation. Affluenza is a social disease, as it affects not only the rich but also the poor. According to the dictionary, affluenza is defined "as painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of the over-load, debt, anxiety, and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more." In recent years, the U.S. has entered the age of affluenza …show more content…
Furthermore, game companies produce new games every year. Therefore, I have to stop playing one game and shift to another. Aside from video games, I also watch animes,dramas and TV programs on-line. Everything about my life is connected to Internet. After calculations, I am on-line more than 35 hours a week. If I spend 5 hours per day at the weekdays, that will be 25. Additionally, I surf Internet for at least10 hours at the weekend. In other words, if I am awake 15 hours a day, Internet will take up one third of the 15. Internet addiction also affects my health condition. Since the great amount of time that I spend in front of a computer, I have less time spend on exercises. Because of lacking of exercises, but keeping an intake of the same amount calories, I have over weighted much more than before. I think I am really sick of allfuenza at this point. Affluenza has brought about social chills to my life. There is an increase of time spending indoor comes along with my addiction to Internet and video games. Unlike I spend many hours on Internet, my friends would like to spend time seeking for the latest items to equip themselves in order to obtain an ideal social image. They can spend hours to drive to another city to buy the latest electronic items. Moreover, they often think of buying a new car when they receive paychecks from work. Whenever is someone's birthday, they always plan to go to a KTV and spend money and the whole night there instead of holding a

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