Aiming Higher: Motivating Knowledge Workers Essay

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Aiming Higher: Motivating Knowledge Workers
Among the top ornamental fish service providers in the world is Qian Hu.This Singapore-based company started as a piggery in the 1980s. However, due to government regulation against such business, founder Yap Tik Huay decided to convert it into a fish farm instead. Nevertheless, in 1989, the Great Singaporean Flood caused an unfavorable wipeout of Qian Hu’s fish supply.
In spite of this, Qian Hu was able to recover from the loss. Today, the company boasts being one of the largest ornamental fish service providers in the country with services that include farming, importing, exporting, and distributing over 500 species of ornamental fish. Qian Hu exports to over 80 countries across
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The proposed solution will consist of the following phases:

Goal setting
Organizational leaders should define clear expectations with team members to distinguish ways on how to accomplish Qian Hu’s goals and make sure that these goals are S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound). The company can use team performance assessment trackers and timelines to guarantee that each team achieves their goals in time, and that these goals lead to the company’s development

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