Appendix D Essay

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Appendix D

United States-Centric Views Comparison

Consider this question: What are an average American’s perceptions about Muslim/Arab American and Christian American groups?

Copy each descriptor from the paragraph below and paste it into the table according to how you think an average American would categorize the descriptor. Would each descriptor best apply to Christian Americans only, Muslim and Arab Americans only, or to both groups? In organizing this information, you are conveying what you think most Americans perceive about these groups, so there are no “right” answers. In fact, your table categorizations may be markedly different from what you personally believe is true.
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educated, |of government, male-dominated political |
| |undereducated, religious content in |environment, sexist, feminist |
| |education, devout, law abiding, | |
| |conservative political values, moderate | |
| |political values, fanatically religious, | |
| |religious values perpetuated in politics, | |
| |violent, peaceable, socially exclusionary,| |
| |socially inclusive, socially oppressed, | |
| |socially compliant, strict moral values, | |
| |moderate moral values, flexible moral | |
| |values | |

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Appendix D

United States-Centric Views Comparison

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