Essay about Apple as a Successful Company

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Final Project One: Apple as a Successful Company

Apple has captivated the world of technology in a numerous amount of ways. There is not one place you can go, without seeing one of their products in someone’s hand or in their ears. It has become a necessity for teenagers to own one of the famous Iphones, Ipods, Ipads or even Iwatches. This company has taken something as simple as a cell phone and turned it in to a tool that can be used for pretty much anything from video chatting, navigation, maintaining a schedule, and of course its main purpose for communication. Executives at Apple ensure that they continue to hold the top spot in this technological based world and they are doing an outstanding job at doing so. As of 2013, Apples
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Apple has integrated extreme strategic management planning into their business which is a lot to do with the success that they have experienced as a company. Whenever they are looking to market a new product they do it discretely and make it an event to draw great attention from the public. In 2015, when Apple released its newest product ‘The Apple Watch’ they executed a strict plan to ensure the products success. They made sure top celebrities would be purchasing the item and also offered a lot of giveaways and incentives for consumers to be automatically drawn to the new watch. They also follow strategic management through target marketing and getting the right types of people to want their brand. Apple targets businesses and the younger generation because of their need for new technology and proven curiosity. I believe Apple has encouraged the organizational culture though their influence with the younger generation. Apple believes in innovation and young people thrive for constant changes in technology. Through their corporate organizational culture, they have developed several ways to maintain the same values and beliefs by having a strong leader since the beginning. Steve Jobs the late former CEO of the company implemented a solid structure and saw the vision he wanted and acted upon it. “Jobs could have focused on near-term fixes. Instead, he focused on building a high-performance culture by doing three things well. 1.

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