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| Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Sustainability | A Question for the Future of the Company | | Team Bar-B-Q consisting of Willie Lindsay, Lee Little, Jesse Mermella, and Joseph Preusser | 2/1/2012 |


Introduction by Joseph A. Preusser * Home of Texas' best eatin' for over 50 years, Bill Miller Bar-B-Q offers only the choicest of meats, all cooked to perfection over a fire of 100% Texas Hill Country Live Oak in a brick pit. According to the Bill Miller webpage, “all of our barbecue is cooked with 100% hill country live oak wood in a brick pit. Natural gas or electric heat is never used to cook our barbecue, only wood, heat and smoke. Bill Miller designed the original barbecue pits he used in the 1950 's and the large
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Bill Miller Bar-B-Q's concept of serving barbecued meats and fresh pies and breads on a daily basis from a central commissary is unique to its industry. (About Bill Miller Bar-B-Q, 2011)

* The company is family owned with no obligations to stock holders. This limits the need for the company to offer any financial disclosure. For the purposes of this report no financial information will be disclosed. Ms. Newman did state that Bill Miller is debit free and operates as such. There are no current plans for any major expansions for the purpose of green sustainability. When it comes to environmental efforts the company has taken advantage of certain government incentives to add solar panels to 3 store locations and other incentive at other locations. This includes the main headquarters building beginning to use energy efficient light bulbs.(Newman, 2011) The restaurant is a philanthropic venture providing donations and offering community service to the Mama Patrol Program, the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, the UTSA campus downtown location as well as other local charities. While there are no major ongoing sustainment projects Ms. Newman did wish to express that their smoking process utilizes an electric rotary system that makes it possible to only use a few small local live oak logs

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