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Haley Wyrick
Pam Smith
ENGL 1301.102
10 Feb. 2014
Learn From Your Accidents
One late Friday summer night, 6 years ago, there was a situation that made me sense as if my whole life flashed right before my eyes. I thought life for me was all over. As I was looking around screaming for help, I was terrified, in disbelief, filled with fear and shock. I used to be the kind of person who thought nothing could ever hurt me. In other words, you could say I was optimistic and too naive to be afraid of anything. However, during the time I had tears rolling down my face and feeling as if nobody could hear me. “Am I dying?” I thought to myself. At that very moment I made myself believe I would not ever be able to walk on the earth ever again. I
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I was so distraught and disappointed in myself. I still could not believe that what had partaken was real at the time. Only because I was still intoxicated and traumatized. I wanted the entire night to be a dream, and for the pain to just go away! As I arrived at the hospital, I knew it was all reality when I had a neck brace on, heart monitors hooked up to me, and an IV in my arm. Every single movement I made it seemed like there were knifes stabbing into my ribs. The first person I thought of was my Mother. I knew in my heart she was going to be so ashamed and upset with me. This made me feel terrible inside. A stupid party was definitely not worth the outcome of what happened to me. Several tests and x-rays had to be taken and the doctors confirmed that I had a broken tail bone, all my ribs were broken, and my neck was fractured. I felt lucky to even be alive. I had to remain at the hospital for 2 weeks. Those two weeks were very long and painful.
There are about 3 million wrecks in a year, two million permanent injuries and forty-thousand deaths in the U.S. each year. The Department of Transportation’s statistics indicate that accidents are generally related to irresponsible driving behavior. About 40% of fatalities are related to drinking and driving. Most accidents are avoidable, so it is always your choice to make the right decision. I learned a valuable lesson that drinking and

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