Com530 Team Assignment 2 Essay

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Five Stages of Group Development
There are five stages in forming a group. They are forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. Each stage also affects the formation of relationships within the group. The first stage of group development is often uncomfortable as many members feel anxiety towards the unknown. During this time the structure, leadership and purpose are often unknown. Members begin to think of themselves as a group, and the group works towards the determination of a hierarchy during the storming stage. Conflict is a part of the storming stage. As the group flows into the norming stage, the group will begin to become solid and work together. This is also the time when individual relationships begin to develop
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After all announcements are made, the floor is open for employees to ask questions or express concerns. The team is encouraged to maintain respect of all team members’ views. In this department the group plays a role in the communication process along with each team member. In this group we have individuals who brought new ideas to the team, which we have implemented. The team members often share their individual work issues in the meetings. This allows others with similar experiences to work together find and solutions.
Techniques to Overcome Barriers in Group Communication
The techniques to overcoming barriers within a group; anything that prevents a group from communicating is called barriers, which can stop a team from having effective communication. There are two types of common barriers. The first barrier is cultural barriers, sometimes it’s called cultural filters, are the barriers that result from differences among people of different cultures. Understanding the culture of your group members will help to get over the conflicts that may arise between the group members. Another barrier is called functional barriers. This barrier arises when communication is between two different groups of people within an organization.
Effective group/team members can identify communication and the barriers that can distract a group on being successful with their task. Follow these four steps that will help the

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