Comfort Zone Essay

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Comfort Zone IceBreaker Game

What is the comfort zone?
Your comfort zone is any type of behavior that keeps you at a steadily low anxiety level.

Jonah 1-4

The Calling Jonah was a faithful servant of God, living among his own people and sharing God’s words for them. Then God suddenly asks him to do something that was a little outside the norm. God calls Jonah to go to Ninevah to tell them that God will destroy the city if they don’t turn their ways Often times we are told to do things we don’t want to do as teens i.e chores, homework, work, talk in front of people

* Running Away from God As soon as he heard what God wanted him to do, Jonah got on the first boat to
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Or what about to the gay/lesbian friend you have? Or even better, how about to that one catholic, muslim, atheist person who would die for their religion?

Sometimes God Has to Pull Our Ears God has a way of finding us wherever we go and hide and He has a way of making His plans happen no matter what Unfortunately sometimes He has to pull our ear in order for us to fully understand his true purpose i.e. getting good grades, kid that touches the oven, texting and driving You might think that you can escape doing what God has called you to do, or that God won’t leave you with little choice by to obey sometimes. Not only did God pursue Jonah when he ran in the opposite direction of where God wanted him to go, He had a plan to get Jonah back to where he needed to be to complete the mission God called him to make. Reasons we might try to run away from Gods calling….wanting to do things their own way, too afraid to do what God says or thinking the job is too hard. Even through our hardships, we have to learn how to praise God just like Jonah did.

Listening to the Second Calling You never know what you may be able to accomplish is you follow Gods plan….Jonah saved a whole nation by following Gods command You can save your nation(your world)

Putting It Into Our Modern Perspective The New

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