Essay on Fenugreek Facility Management Report

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This ten-page facility assessment report presents the findings from a three-week period of investigation in Fenugreek Research Company Ltd and relates recommendations both operationally and strategically which the Fenugreek management is advised to take to resolve the issues that surfaced during the period of investigation. Seven most pressing concerns coming from the Fenugreek staff were each dealt with in detail and suggestions for them were subsequently discussed for its feasibility. The findings of the investigation brought this Facility Manager to the conclusion that there is general dissatisfaction with the current working conditions of Fenugreek
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In this light, the facility management department of the Fenugreek Research Company (FRC) conducts an investigation of the whole site to identify the weaknesses of the Fenugreek facilities before taking forward the management’s plans to float the company. After a three-week period of investigation, a number of alarming issues within the organisation was discovered, thus prompting for evaluation and bringing forth of recommendations, both operationally and strategically.
Summarily, there were seven major findings in the three-week period of observation. Each finding will be taken individually and in order of urgency in the following sections, as a facility manager must determine the priorities for repair, renewal, and replacement projects based on need (Piper 2004). First though, there is a need to identify the issues’ stakeholders, as they will naturally be taken into consideration in the presentation of recommendations for the improvement of FRC facilities. Alexander (1998) claimed that facilities have the potential to contribute to productivity, service and quality through maintaining commitment amongst the stakeholders. After a careful analysis of the situation, the stakeholders who were largely affected by the issues identified in the investigation

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