Ford Case Essay

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1988-1993 was an extremely competitive period in the world of automobile, As company’s ability to capture and sustain market share leadership is a function of marketing strategy they choose to embrace, Honda and Taurus made a run at being number one during that period, both have many similarities concerning their size, price and demands, though each company has its own individual strengths that have allowed it to succeed in the current economic climate and also specific weaknesses that have affected their abilities to grow as vigorously as it should. Together these two companies will continue to be at the forefront of the introduction on new vehicles into their respective markets by capitalizing on the innovation that is
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| Strength: * Honda is a Japanese company; however it was able to prove itself in the U.S market and took over the first place in 1989. * Known as a fuel efficient car. | Threats : * Price war and lower cost competitors. * Substitute products are the major threat for the Honda Company. * Greater restyle cost due to increase cost of Japan capital. | Opportunities : * Honda has the best opportunity to use its research and development in producing cars according to the needs and demands of their customer. |
Taurus SWOT Analysis: Weaknesses * Fuel efficiency is less than other competitors | Strength * Solidity in their market position as they claimed leadership in cars and trucks after taking over the first bestselling car in USA in 1993 * Ford had strong promotional campaigns * Safety was the major positioning, as they introduced passengers’ airbags. * Functional, affordable and stylish transportation choice. * Reduced cost in Atlanta, Georgia plant by increasing efficiency. | Threats : * Rise in competition is one of the major threat towards the productivity of the company. * Competition from major international players. * Possibility of consumers shifting to more fuel efficient cars. | Opportunities : * They can gain more popularity by doing better research and development * Improve their production by innovation and use of

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