Essay about Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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Throughout the years, the United States has faced many social issues. One issue that, which has stuck with the nation for decades are the protest and political speaks about gay marriage and lesbians in our community. The population has grown and society opinions tend to become more negative as years go by. Considering, it has been a huge problem in Supreme Courts throughout history of the United States. I tend to think to myself it should not have to be a problem. Gays and lesbians deserve to have the exact same rights as heterosexual women and men have. Society today is too quick to judge before getting to know someone, and that is what is wrong with our society today. In fact, while society is agreeing to barred and banned gay marriages, I am strongly disagreeing and will speak for every gay and lesbian in our humanity. gays and lesbians are just like every person who was born in the country, so why can they not have a chance like everyone else? I believe gay couples should be able to adopt children, go to church freely, show affection in public, and be welcome into the military with no questions asked.
Some may ask why a gay marriage is even an issue. The simple answer is it is a burden on some individuals in our society. Activists are highly against gay marriages and even more against a couple adopting a child and starting a family. In the article Gay Rights, “Costea believes a backlash is growing against what many conservatives Europeans see as a gay-rights and that…

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