Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

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The recent Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage nationwide has some people up in a frenzy. Many have questions regarding the decision itself and the validity of the statement “Does the legalization of Gay Marriage pave the way for polygamy.” A word to look at in the scenario is “fear.” Unfortunately people are afraid of things or practices foreign to them. This is why many people are feeling threatened by the decision and are having legitimate questions. This is normal, these changes require adjustments. The legalization of gay marriage has raised many questions and concerns regarding the possibility of other infrequent practices becoming legalized, polygamy, however is not the next gay marriage. Polygamy has quite a stigma associated with it, however there is a long history behind it, a full history that easily surpasses homosexuality. Polygamy was always much more historically accepted than gay marriage, yet gay marriage has gained the most ground (Saletan). Early in the bible, polygamy was very common. Lamech (the grandson of Adam) took on two wives, just the same, Abraham had married Sarah and Hajar (Rizvi). Though it was common practice everywhere at one time; it was most often found in Asian, Middle Eastern, and African countries. Polygamy existed for some reason in almost every religion and is most often associated with religion. However, in the historical context polygamy had many uses. For one,
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