Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Essay example

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1. “Love is not about how many times you say I love you, but how much you can prove that it’s true” - Anonymous. Why do we as human beings shy away from true love? Love is a beautiful element that gives us hope and serenity. Marriage is being able to share hope, laughter, and dreams with your significant other. However, why is gay marriage an under thought when exhibiting true love? Is it ever an after thought when heterosexual couples divorce within a couple of months of marriage. Or is it the fact, that having a desire for the same sex a sin.

2. Homosexual partners should be allowed to marry their significant other, for every reason, that everyone deserves the same rights. Whether you are heterosexual or homosexual we are all human beings and we all have feelings. We as Americans citizens should not be able to determine who and who we are not able to marry. If we do not protest, other situations as heavily as protesting gay marriage, then it should not be a controversy. Therefore, what gives us the right to deny marriage as individuals. Gay marriage should be legalized because everyone deserves the rights to equal and legal rights, health care, and acceptance.

3. To elaborate, equal and legal rights have not been an easy road for the members of the LGBT society. Whether African Americans grew up into slavery, or women not being able to vote, we as Americans went through the same trials of becoming a citizen. “Angry with the wording and passage of the…

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