Essay Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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. Imagine: You have a friend who is a homosexual and they are scared to death to come out to their parents. You as the friend have a moral duty to help them in any way that you can. They come out to their parents and they are accepted, but the only problem is that they are not allowed to marry the one that they love. You are so why can they not? You love another human being and so do they. So, why is this not legal? Gay marriage is an issue that has been a controversial issue in the past recent years. The topic has been debated by many officials or politicians such as William Bennett. William Bennett is wrong in the sense that he believes that the legal union of same-sex couples will change that meaning of marriage, the rules that govern behavior, endorse practices that are antithetical to the world’s major religions, send conflicting signals to young persons, and that it would obscure marriage’s function. Before I propose my argument against William Bennett and overcome the objections that you may have, I will summarize his argument.
2. I will be critiquing William Bennett’s argument on same sex marriage that is located in Doing Ethics by Lewis Vaughn. This argument is in chapter thirteen on page four hundred eighty-three. Bennett states that by broadening the definition of marriage, we may stretch it so far that we will not recognize it in the future. He also states the problem of polygamous marriage and the issue of “drawing lines”. William Bennett believes that,…

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