Essay about Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

1035 Words Feb 5th, 2016 null Page
Under United States constitution, the democratic system should decide for gay marriage law. In Chief Justice Roberts’s dissenting opinion, he has delineated the supreme court’s position for gay marriage law. Therefore, he insisted that states government should reserve their states’ power for the gay marriage law. Due to the belief of social policy and fairness, many same-sex couples had appeal for the nationwide same-sex marriage legal approval. Unfortunately, they are bewildered on United States law system, the supreme court actually does not have the legal power to make gay marriage law but legislators and people.
Chief Justice Roberts’s dissenting opinion is absolute, he was advocating on the Americans’ right of freedom, supreme court’s role and duty. In his dissenting opinion, Roberts first acknowledged the appeal of the same-sex marriage was undeniable. However, he has strongly argued that gay marriage decision should keep within a legislature. Also, Roberts emphasized on the United States constitution, law system, meaning of marriage, historic definition, petitioners’ case and factual evidences. To determine the possible solution, Roberts suggested on the recognition of court’s role, judge’s legal ability, public’s understanding and rational.
In all respects to his opinion, Roberts used many factual evidences that strengthen his audiences’ rational and logical senses in which strongly appeal to logos. These sources include, “The Federalist No.78, p. 465 (C. Rossiter…

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