Happiness Essay

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People will spend most of their lives looking and waiting for happiness. We convince ourselves that the right career, the right life choices, and the right relationships will open the gates to happiness. Most people are misled, and they do not know what actually will bring them real happiness until they experience it first-hand. Happiness does not just happen with no work; you have to work towards it. It is something that has to be pursued on a constant level throughout our lives. After reading the articles on happiness, choices in life, and experienced well-being I have come to realize a few significant points that could point towards being happier and coming closer to actual happiness. Happiness can reached in a number of ways, and there …show more content…
In my personal life, I set short-term goals, long-term goals, and even daily goals for myself in a number of areas. A long-term goal that I have is to become a Physical Therapist. A short-term goal that I am working to accomplish is a trip to Disneyland for my son’s fifth birthday. A daily goal I have made is to always prepare my lunch every night for the following work day. The achievement of each of these goals I have set brings me happiness. If you are constantly acting towards completing realistic goals, you will reach them, and you will feel this sense of happiness once you have. In Daniel Kahneman’s writings of Thinking, Fast and Slow he describes how his studies of happiness directly relate to a person’s “measure of well-being” in their own life. Kahneman’s research on women refers to happiness as a positive state of mind, and positive emotional moments in the day. He writes “An individual’s mood at any moment depends on her temperament and overall happiness, but emotional well-being also fluctuates considerably over the day and the week” (Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow, pg. 394). Unlike Gilbert’s research that portrays happiness as a future occurrence, Kahneman likes to explain happiness as a temporary state of being for moments happening throughout your day or week. He describes that while analyzing more substantial samples of women in

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