How Do International Organizations Support Emerging Markets and Future Emerging Markets - Ngos

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How do international organizations support Emerging Markets and Future Emerging Markets - NGOs

Term paper for “International Trade and Emerging Markets”
Winter Semester 2015/2016
Lecturer: Prof. Herrmann

Leon Hankamp
MA 14 IB / International Trade and Emerging Markets
Student-No. 114550000

Table of contents

1. Introduction 3 2. Non-governmental organizations 3 2.1. What is a NGO? 3 2.2. Different types of NGO’s 4 2.3. Strengths and Weaknesses 5 2.4. Renowned NGO’s in emerging markets 5 3. NGO’s in emerging markets 7 3.1. The role of NGO’s in emerging markets 7 3.1.1. Poverty 7 3.1.2. Human rights 9 3.1.3. Corruption 10 3.1.4. Environment 12
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NGOs use the capital of business partners to reach a shared goal and companies use the knowledge of the NGOS in local issues and information’s to increase their value. These alliances are becoming more and more popular between both parties because they have realized that there is a lot of potential and work to be done in poverty reduction, development and growth of the NGOs, companies and the emerging economies. By the end of this paper I will have shown the underrated importance of the NGOs in terms of humanity and growth on a worldwide context.

2. Non-governmental organizations 3.1. What is a NGO?
There is no general accepted definition of a non-governmental organization in the web or in a book. However, all entities or companies define a NGO similarly. Taken literally, a “non-governmental organization” could describe just about anything. It could refer to a small student group engaging for student rights to a high profit company such as Walmart. Both are non-governmental organizations. However, generally speaking a NGO refers to a non-governmental organization, or a group of players that are active in the efforts of international development, protection of environment or nature and welfare of poor countries or poor people (Werker & Ahmed, 2007, pp. 3-4). Borrowing liberally from the World Bank’s definition, NGO’s are “private organizations that pursue activities to relieve suffering, promote the interests of the

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