It Industry in Bangladesh Essay

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ISSN 1817-5090 The Cost and Management Vol. 34 No. 6 November-December, 2006, pp. 31-39

An Overview of the Software Industry in Bangladesh
Syed Munir Khasru Abstract: Software is one of the most talked about but unexploited industries in Bangladesh. Last two decades have seen lot of initiatives, both in public and private sector, to stimulate growth in this sector. Although some successes have been achieved, Bangladesh lags far behind other South Asian countries like India and Sri Lanka in terms of employment and revenue generation in the software industry. Against such background, this paper takes a close look at the software industry of Bangladesh. Starting from the formative years of the software industry to different measures taken
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l In 1998, the Government removed all import duties and VAT from computer hardware and software. l In 2000, draft of the ICT Policy was finalized and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) law was enacted with the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2004, which sought to safeguard the intellectual property of local as well as foreign companies. l In 2002, BASIS in association with BCC (Bangladesh Computer Council) and the Ministry of ICT established ICT Incubator at BSRS Bhaban. l In March 2003, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) issues were put into legal framework. l In May 2003, Bangladesh opened its first ICT business center in Silicon Valley with the aim of helping Bangladeshi companies gain a firm footing in the US market.
Syed Munir Khasru is an Associate Professor, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka.




The industry has been experiencing double digit growth for the last decade with exports going beyond the US $10 million mark in the 2004-2005 fiscal year.

Current Scenario
Market Size Recent trends indicate that the industry has reached a take off stage and poised for high growth. Market size of the total ICT industry in the country is estimated to be approximately Tk 1,100 crore (excluding the telecom sector). Of the total ICT market, the size of software

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