Legalizing Marijuana Should Be Forbidden Essay

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Legalizing Marijuana should be Forbidden

Marijuana has been around for many years that has created a disastrously bad habit. Although there are many kinds of drugs, marijuana is the most sought after by all ages. Legalizing marijuana should be forbidden for the sake of its effects on the brain and body, with so many different effects it creates very little that can be avoided. Most users have reported an increase in appetite, heightened sensory awareness, and various hallucinogenic pleasures. The negative side effects include confusion, panic, anxiety attacks, fear, a sense of helplessness, and loss of self-control. Legalizing this drug can cause innocent people to make regretful decisions with life changing attitudes. There is some evidence legalization may encourage more youths to experiment with this drug. Some of these side effects include lapse, or no common sense for decision making. There has been no cases heard of stating a person has overdosed from smoking marijuana. But there has been some documents that prove marijuana was the cause of death. An example of this would be, a person smokes a marijuana cigarette, and attempts to drive an automobile. The moment that person sits in the driver seat, they become as dangerous as a drunk driver. Among adolescents with pre-existing educational difficulties, marijuana use may lead to school failure, an event with lifelong consequences. Marijuana use is strongly associated with poor school performance. When we look…

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