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• Introduction
Portibuild is a private construction company, owned by the Farmer family. They major in designing and producing modular buildings that they made from many parts arranged and linked into the complete works easily, for example temporary offices, class rooms, temporary building for larges events, emergency buildings.

Office Event Classroom

(Modular and Portable Buildings from Portakabi, Portakabin 2010, modular building images. Retrieved on December 20th, 2010 from

Within the UK market is mature; Portiduild still occupies market leading position with 17.8% of the overall UK market and hold 5.2% over the world. However, in the period of providing much but not having much
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With these groups they do not care about price, all they need are quality of product and service of Portibuild. However, not so that you can ignore the current customer that you think they were satisfied. To do market penetration, Portibuild need: ← To build more showrooms: this is convenience when they have demand and serve customer everywhere. For example, Portibuild wants to penetrate into Europe market; they need to build from 10 to 15 showrooms on each country they come. ← To hold meeting for loyal customers: by this way, we can collect their ideas what make them happy, what make unsatisfied and what they expect from us. Thence, we can adjust on time to fulfill their requirement. Moreover, they feel that we care about their thinking and respect their demands; these ways can make them love to buy from us much. Portibuild should organize Loyal Member Conference once or twice annually.

← To give them priority cases: for example, offering V.I.P card for them who buy €30.000 a year and Loyal Member card for those buy €15.000 a year. They will be received some preference programs, presenting them a gift on their birthday or special anniversary (Portibuild’s Customer Care Department must have a list of their customer to satisfy them well).

← To try sale discount: we should organize Shopping festival for V.I.P members only. Just here, they

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