Network Eval Essay

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In a computer network evaluation it is important to cover various areas to determine which are satisfactory and which are in need of improvement. The following evaluations will be used to access the current state of the network: 1. Evaluation of Client Computer Hardware
In the evaluation of client computer hardware, this evaluation seeks to identify all client computer assets owned by the company. All laptops and desktops owned by the company should be made available as needed in order for the evaluation to be as accurate as possible.
It will be necessary to perform a review of all client computers that connect to the company assets. These machines will be analyzed for speed, performance, and reliability. I will look for variations
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1. 2. 3. Evaluation of Server Hardware
All server hardware will be evaluated to ensure it meets or exceeds the demands of the network or application it is expected to service. All servers will be evaluated for minimum CPU cores, memory, IO throughput, and network requirements so that any deficiency can be identified and addressed. Servers will be documented with the number CPU’s, amount of memory, disk subsystems, and network capabilities it has. Virtualization capabilities will also be reviewed and documented if not currently in place. Server hardware will also be evaluated for manufacturer or third-party warranty services so that machines can be repaired quickly in the event of hardware failure. If servers are found that are broken or insufficient for job function, recommendations will be made for repair or replacement. 1. 2. 3. 4. Evaluation of Server Software
Server software will be covered in this area of the evaluation. All software installed on the server will be documented to ensure that it matches what is expected. Software versions and current patch levels will be identified and reviewed to ensure that it is consistent with industry standards. Out of date software may increase exposure to malicious attacks, or reduce company productivity by not taking advantage of bug fixes that can improve functionality. 5. Evaluation of Network Connectivity
To enable the fastest communication between

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