New Testament Summary Essay

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The genre of this book is gospel. Some of the key themes and events include Matthew explaining the genealogy of Jesus and talking about the virgin birth. As previously stated, Matthew starts the book with discussing the genealogy of Jesus and retells of Jesus’ birth by quoting Isaiah 7:14. Farther along into the book King Herod orders all babies that are two and under in Bethlehem and vicinity to be killed causing the fulfillment of the prophecy of Jeremiah 31:15. Jesus escapes Egypt and returns to Nazareth were Jesus meets John the Baptist and gets baptized. After which Jesus began to preach about the kingdom of Heaven and how he came to fulfill the laws and not abolish them. In his preaching, Jesus uses Parables to teach the
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Towards the end of the book, Jesus is arrested and taken to Anna’s. Jesus is taken before Pilate, and Pilate sentences Jesus to be crucified, Jesus is crucified, dies and then is buried. John tell of the empty tomb, He appears to Mary Magdalene and then to His Disciples and Peter is then old to take care and feed Jesus’ Sheep.
The genre of this book is both narrative and gospel. The key themes and events of this book is going over Jesus’ life and how Matthias replaced Judas as a disciple. This book begins with a brief summary of Jesus’ life from before he was crucified to after. Through prayer, Matthias was chosen to replace Judas as a disciple. The day of the Pentecost, the Holy Spirit filled the apostles. Peter then addressed the crowd, and they devote themselves to the teachings of apostles. Peter heals a crippled beggar and then speaks to the onlookers regarding the God of Abraham. While speaking, Peter and John were arrested for their disturbance. The next day, Peter and John went before the Sanhedrin. They were warned not to keep teaching, but let them go. They go back to their own people who then pray and share their possessions, so no one is in need. The apostles heal many people, but are persecuted by others. The apostles chose seven men to help mediate among the Jews, and one of the seven named Stephen, was seized and brought before the

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