Operations Management Essay

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Module 5 Operations Management

Title Hotel-Dieu De France Beirut-Lebanon

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I- Executive summary 3-4 II- Introduction 4 III- Company Profile 4-5 IV- Problem and Processes Description 5-8 1- Problem definition 5-6 2- Patients flow model at hdf 6-8
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For major improvements to occur, its critical to health care providers and hospitals to adopt theories from the operations management field to “ensure that all goods and services are created, delivered successfully to customers” (Collier, 2011), and instigated consistently across the whole care spectrum.
Health care organizations have been tormented with the criticality of providing timely treatments, ensuring swift even flow of patients, increasing accessibility and capacity while facing budget constraints and waste of available resources.
This paper will investigate therefore, the capacity management concepts that potentially could be transferred to healthcare and proposes the lean production concept as a mean to resolve patient flow issues and deliver value and quality outcomes, where discussions and conclusions will be based on a large university hospital in Lebanon known as Hôtel-Dieu de France, and particularly their emergency department (ED).
A detailed interpretation of the department’s existing processes is presented with the proposal of the theory of constraints and process mapping as tools to detect constraints and bottlenecks in order to better exploit them or elevate their effects (McLaughlin, 2012) is discussed.
It’s expected with the use of such implements and knowledge, the organization under study can “cross the quality chasm that separates that knowledge from everyday practices” (McLaughlin, 2012),

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