Essay on Persusaive Communication

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Persuasive Communication Presentation: Abolish the Death Penalty
India James
July 1, 2013

Why Team C chose a poster Our team chose to use a poster to convey ideas in regard to the death penalty. The glogster poster format provides “an interactive visual platform in which users create a “poster or web page” containing multimedia elements, including text, audio, video, images, graphics, drawings, and data” (Glogster EDU, 2013). The ideas presented are easy to read and understand with only the most important points presented. The intended audience will be the American voters, so the poster needs to be easy to understand.
Possible Reasons the Audience May Reject Our Idea There are many reasons that the audience
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Even the Bible references an eye for an eye, and it makes sense that if a person kills another person he or she should also be put to death. Prisoners have been known to escape and that can give them another chance to kill. Sure prisons are designed to prevent this from happening but in reality it still happens and a desperate criminal who has escaped has a chance to kill again. The death penalty is a deterrent and makes someone think before committing a serious crime. The crime rate would rise drastically if we did not have a powerful deterrent such as the death penalty. Spending time in prison may be an effective deterrent for some but not for every criminal, so we need the death penalty to help put the fear of God in those people. The death penalty helps prevent overcrowding in the prison system. We hear on the news of early prisoner releases because overcrowded jail conditions. If we eliminate the death penalty one more convicted felon becomes the next potential early releasee. There is also a chance that someone would make a mistake and put a wrong name on the list therefore releasing someone that should be serving life in prison. The death penalty gives prosecutors a bargaining chip in the plea bargain process. If we eliminate the death penalty the justice system has lost its number one bargaining chip and criminals would have the chance to plea bargain for a lesser sentence. Perhaps it is not a good idea to

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