Essay on Positivity

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Hello Mr Sexson, this is my monologue for the aelp speaking course 2014-02-13

I’m gonna do a monologue on positivity and how I personally keep myself motivated

So I pretty much summarized these tips into like 3 main principles.

I hope that you enjoy this monologue and lets get started.


So the first thing is to make sure you’re in a positive environment/positive atmosphere where you are sleeping,where youre working and living.

That could be like Your appartment, your room, your desk and office space.

It’s important to make sure that you are enjoying being in that space, so – is it clean?is it organized? Does it look aesthetically
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But when I eat clean and healthy and really put effort into what i’m eating, it makes me feel so good, it makes my mood better, and i have more energy to do things. Ist so important to take time in the day to properly prepare meals for yourself and show your body some love and take care of it, and it’ll show you love back;-) Overall it definitely makes me feel more positive, when i go to bed after having a really good day of like eating well, i feel better about myself. 3. SORROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE

The 3rd tip is to surround yourself with positive people, and this is so so important. Nothing is worse than beeing with someone who is constantly negative, its so taxing on your body. And i feel like negativity just breeds more negativity, and at the and of the day its not your responsibility to have to deal with everyone elses negativity , i mean its important to be a good friend, if your friend is obviously going through, ist important to be there for them. But if this person is just constantly having negativity, and being bashful about other people, and talking and gossiping and all that, ist just like so unneccesary and theres so many other things you can fill your head with than drama

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