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Race has always been an issue, and wherever there are people, there will be some form of racial profiling at one level or another, this article talks about the several aspects of racial encounters that mostly students have encountered in school and at college level(Ziegler and Hazeur 36) in the United States. Though some are mild and subtle, others are very strong but not shocking since I guess things are better today than several years back. The United States has come a long way in tackling issues regarding race, but that’s not to meant that people have reached a place where we can say race is gone. It’s in the TV shows we
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Quality education has been stressed repeatedly(Teranishi, Suárez-Orozco, and Suárez-Orozco 169). Unfortunately, not everybody gets the chance to acquire a quality education for one reason or another(Bailey, Badway, and Gumport 69).The fact is, there are many factors that could cause people to get a lower quality education or get an education they can afford. One of the factors being one’s level of academic performance, the writer talks about how he graduated with SAT scores that couldn’t have landed him in a good school and though other factors like co-curricular activities lead to scholarships, maintaining the scholarship inevitably depends on the performance. Aside from academic performance, finances play a major role, getting a college that is free or subsidized like the writer of the article talks about is something life changing(Dougherty 103), because even though it might not be Harvard or Yale, the education one gets from any institution gives experience and allow one to think. Education provokes thought and this is the aim of it. This really applies to me as a student and more should be done, to create such opportunities even for international students(Zhai 104), because the world is now a global village and the paradigm shift is headed towards how nations are helping each other out to bring out the best

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