Essay Recreational Marijuana Should Be Legal

1715 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
Recreational marijuana users buy marijuana to get stoned not for addressing a medial issue; therefore the regulations should be night and day different, not almost identical. Recreational shops feel their business are taking a hit because of medical marijuana shops undercutting them, but medical marijuana shops are not a business they are here to provide affordable quality medication. Not turn medical marijuana into profit. Most medical marijuana dispensaries get cannabis medication from other patients and only charge the amount of money it costs for electricity and nutrients to produce the plant. “There is a fine balance of using marijuana as a recreational substance and as a substance of potential ‘medical use.” (Zoumbaris). It seems that the state government is forgetting this distinction because medical marijuana is for the disabled; it needs to be setup to benefit patient’s more than recreational users because unlike recreational users medical marijuana patients cannot choose to benefit from the drug of their choice they can only utilize the one that works best for their condition.
Cutting back on availability and by forcing marijuana patients to conform to new medical laws in place solely because recreational marijuana has been legalized is wrong. This is directly effecting patients with disabilities and their right to a medication; this is extremely detrimental to the effectiveness of the medical marijuana. In the long run new regulations help benefit…

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