Should Abortion Be Legal For Doctors? Essay

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Legalization of Euthanasia
An often controversial subject, should the act of euthanizing a terminally ill patient be legal for doctors in the United States? Is it breaking the code of a doctor to perform euthanasia? If it does become legal, should doctors have to perform it and grant their patients wishes? If it remains illegal, is it right, to deny the patient the right to end their life, when it is prolonging the inevitable of a painful death anyways. Doctors should be able to euthanize their terminally ill patients, only if the patient goes through and passes a set of requirements to be qualified for this kind of treatment. Doctors should be able to perform euthanasia for the same reasons they can perform risky lifesaving surgeries or even non lifesaving surgeries that can result in death or just severe pain, withhold from lifesaving treatment, or the fact that doctors can perform abortion. They all involve the same things when you look at them from a broader view. The goal for all of these is to help the patient in the long run, even if the initial outlook on them seem bad. That is what euthanasia is doing, it seems bad or wrong at first to some, but in the long run the doctors are just doing what is best for their patient.
Some people say that in countries where euthanasia is legal, people can just request to die for no reason and it be granted, however that is not the case. In the Netherlands, they have a study for patients who request euthanasia just to prevent this…

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