Essay on Should Abortion Be Legal Or Not?

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Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by surgical or with the use of medicated drugs. Abortions have been practiced for many centuries. “The earliest description of abortion comes from the Eber Papyrus, in 1550 BCE” (Tom Head). Prolife side argues that all humans have the right to life. Also prolife supporters say a fetus is human as soon as the sperm enters into the egg. The fetus has the right to life and abortion should be illegal. However, prochoice side claims that all humans have the right of bodily self-determination and women also are human. All humans in biological sense are human with moral sense. Overall women have the right to bodily self-determination. The two political sides are trying to determine if abortion should be legal or not. The two sides are distinguishing between legitimates and illegitimate reasons for seeking an abortion. Also the two sides are determining the point in fetal development at which the fetus becomes human in moral sense. So is a fetus human or not human? To the Roman Catholic Church, abortions are wrong unless the death of the fetus is accidental to save the mother’s life is morally permissible, (Lewis Vaughn). The moral debate is about the induced abortions.

Prochoice political side allows induced abortions to be legal. Different types of abortions are performed based on the length of the mother’s pregnancy. Hormone drugs like mifepristone and prostaglandins can be used in the first seven weeks, this is called a…

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