Essay on Should Abortion Be Legal Or Performed?

1173 Words Dec 29th, 2015 null Page
How do you feel about abortion? Do you believe in it? Is it becoming a big controversy? Abortions shouldn 't be legal or performed. I have many reasons for this is because it 's basically killing a person. Abortion is not justified because it affects a woman 's health, the emotional strain, and her life becomes more unstable knowing what she has done in the past. Many people argue that abortion affects a woman 's health, and it also affects her emotionally and physically. It is mostly argued that a women should be able to decide whether or not if she wants an abortion. Some people believe that the woman should have the right to decide if they want an abortion or not. One reason why most people believe that the woman have the right is because they are the ones that 's going to undergo the pain. This is important because knows what it 's like having to be put under that type of situation and pressure when you have to decide whether or not to have an abortion. This helps me prove my argument because it was said that “most underage girls get abortions because they are unprepared for the physical and emotional strain” (Abortions & Minors: An Overview). Another thing that was argued was if underage teens should the choice to have an abortion or not. My reason for this being important is because teen girls in today’s generation are the ones getting pregnant and they should be able to decide because they are the ones going through the pregnancy and the abortion if they decide.…

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