Essay Should Abortion Be Legal?

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"Human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the creative action of God and it remains for ever in a special relationship with the Creator, who is its sole end. God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its end: no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being" (CCC 2258). The Catholic Church teaches that every single human being is made in the image and likeness of God. The gift of life is sacred, and no one but God can decide when it begins and ends. To the Church, all lives must be saved, and the job of all Catholics is to protect the sanctity of life. The fifth commandment says, “you shall not kill,” and abortion is seen as killing an innocent fetus therefore abortion is wrong. Since the Church teaches that abortion is clearly wrong, then why does the pro-choice movement support it? The Church teaches that there are many other options to abortion and that abortions should never be performed no matter the circumstances or the situation. Cardinal John O’Connor, Archbishop of New York, clarifies how the Church sees abortion while answering questions in the newspaper the Catholic New York. He defines what it is and is not as, “Abortion is not merely the removal of some tissue from a woman 's body. Abortion is not the removal of a living ‘thing’ that would become human if it were allowed to remain inside the woman 's body. Abortion is the destruction of an unborn baby” (O 'Connor). In…

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