Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

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Every year almost a million women lose their lives because they have unsafe abortions. In countries where abortions are legally restricted, women seek abortions under conditions that are medically unsafe and life threatening. Unsafe abortions are responsible for the death of seventy thousand women each year. Laws that resort to unsafe procedures infringe upon women’s right to life. Platform for Action urges governments “to understand and better address the determinants and consequences of unsafe abortions.” The government should make abortion services safe and accessible for all women so less women decide to have unsafe abortions (Center for Reproductive Rights).
There are many reasons why women or teenagers would choose to have an abortion. If a teenager is pregnant, she might be scared that her parents will be mad and will kick her out of her house. The teenage girl might be scared that her boyfriend will leave her if she has the baby or she might be embarrassed to have the child at such a young age. A woman might choose to have an abortion because she had just had a child and having another baby will not fit into her budget (Terwilliger) or because she became pregnant through an act of nonconsensual sex. Whatever reason a woman might choose to have an abortion for, the government should respect that it is the woman’s right to make decisions regarding her reproductive life (Center for Reproductive Rights).
On average, seventy million women each year will have…

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