Essay about Should Immigration Laws Be Legal?

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Immigration is a topic that seems to come up like an old memory from the past every four years during election time. Questions burying questions about the policies that should be formed to help immigrants, or if the regulations should be more harsh and strict to let foreigners allowed into this country. There are pros and cons to putting more regulations within the law for immigrants to come to America, just as there are good and bad aspects about loosening up the regulations for foreigners to cross over into America. These are too important of questions to let only come up every four years. Immigration is something that is quickly taking over the nation and is something that everyone is affected on from a day to day bases. This is not a topic that can shoved under the rug and poorly ignored, because if that becomes the case there could be no fixing laws and regulations. The regulations to become a United States citizen are nothing short of difficult and time consuming. According to the UCIS, United States Immigrations Services it can take anywhere from five months to two or more years, on average it takes a total of ten years. The UCIS also gives shows the steps to take if you want to become a US citizen. You must be: eighteen years or older, a lawful permanent resident for five years (three years if married to a US citizen), have maintained continuous residence during the past five years (three if married to a US citizen), have maintained physical presence during the…

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