Should Legalize Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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To legalize or not to legalize? This is a question that has plagued the minds of politicians

since Woodstock in the late 1960’s. In the last twenty years, the thought of this has become

more practical. The logistics of the legalization of marijuana all point to the benefits that would

come along with it. Legalizing marijuana could lead to an increase of revenue for state

governments and a decrease in crime rate. States like Colorado and Washington experimented

with the legalization of marijuana and as of 2015, both states have been extremely successful

economically. The War on Drugs has brought about a negative impact on the country’s

economy. The legalization of marijuana could help right some of the wrongs put into place by

the War on Drugs. Legalizing marijuana frees up the funds needed to better assist communities

around the country and improves the quality of people’s life.

The revenue created from the taxation of marijuana would be big enough to break

records. The tax revenue created in Colorado just this year has topped 70 million dollars (Basu).

This is an incredible number because it was the most tax money that Colorado has ever collected.

The federal government should take this as an example of how the legalization of marijuana

could benefit the country. “Colorado’s data indicated that the 10% retail tax on marijuana and

15% excise tax for large wholesale weed has been fruitful” (Bosa). While both of these taxes are…

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