Essay on Should Marijuana Be Decriminalized? The United States?

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Marijuana should be decriminalized in the United States. Over the years marijuana has obtained a negative reputation. It has been perceived as a gateway drug and immensely addictive. However, in the recent years more states are becoming in favor of it. Even the media portrays marijuana as a harmless, fun substance. Furthermore, marijuana has proven to aid in certain sicknesses which resulted in its legalization within other states. The sicknesses mentioned are HIV, cancer and sclerosis. Due to the various physical benefits of medicinal marijuana it is progressively reinforcing the belief to why it should be legitimate.
The use of marijuana should be decriminalized for medical purposes because it would highly benefit ailing patients. When marijuana was administered for patients it was evident that it improved “poor appetite and weight loss caused by chronic illness[es] such as HIV” (Jack). When a patient acquires HIV their immune system begins to lessen which causes a reduction in appetite that leads to malnutrition. Moreover, marijuana can ease symptoms such as “muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis and nausea from cancer chemotherapy” (par. 11 line 1-2). Chemotherapy is known to have a range of side effects and nausea is one of many. Therefore, marijuana can alleviate nausea and promote an appetite. This article explains the various ways of how marijuana could be used to ease certain symptoms that are caused these illnesses.
Although marijuana demonstrates…

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