Should Marijuana Be Legal Or Not? Essay

788 Words May 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Legalize The controversy over whether marijuana should be legal or not has been a topic many Americans have very strong opinions on. The hemp plant has been used around the world from everything from medical uses to fabric and ethanol fuel. A misconception of marijuana is that it would worsen our country as a whole. The reality is that our economy would improve a substantial amount due to the legalization of marijuana. A mass amount of jobs would arise, and the taxation on marijuana would benefit the government. Cannabis has yet to lead to a fatal overdose in the U.S, and Americans participate in many other harmful substances that have even been know to end in causality. The prohibition on marijuana is a direct infringement of our personal liberties and should be reconsidered. On the opposing side of the abolishment of marijuana people claim that marijuana can lead to major health defects. Physical and mental health risks may arise. Such as greater risk of lung infections, chest problems, and can increase the risk of heart attacks. Addiction is also a fear people have when using marijuana. Addiction and drugs go hand in hand but unlike many other drugs out there, there have been no studies proving that marijuana is addictive. The argument that marijuana is a threat to our society morally and physically is not accurate. The medical uses of marijuana should be enough to convince anyone that marijuana is necessary. It can be used as medicine because of its…

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