Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

1098 Words Dec 10th, 2015 5 Pages
Matt Gregory
Eng105 HA
Mr. LoPinto

Cannabis has been illegal for decades yet most would agree that the prohibition on cannabis has been ineffective. Cannabis is the third most widely used drug in America right behind alcohol and tobacco. It is estimated that cannabis has been used by over one hundred million Americans to date. It is also estimated that about twenty five million have tried it this year, while around fourteen million consume it on a daily basis. With all these people partaking in the consumption of cannabis it would only be right for changes to be made to the law. Not only is cannabis a safer alternative to alcohol and tobacco but it also contains many medical benefits. Of all the negative side effects of prohibition not allowing people access to a medicine that will help their pain/suffering is the worst. It has been shown over the years that cannabis can be extremely helpful with a multitude of health issues. This can include pain relief, particularly of neuropathic pain (pain from nerve damage), nausea, spasticity, glaucoma, and movement disorders. Cannabis also has the ability to strongly stimulate the appetite which can be very helpful for those dealing with the AIDS wasting syndrome or dementia. “Nevertheless, there exists little if any scientific basis to justify the federal government 's present prohibitive stance and there is ample scientific and empirical evidence to rebut it. Despite the US government 's nearly century-long prohibition…

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