Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

1155 Words Jun 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Some have argued in favor of it being legal, and some have argued against it being legal. Over the past five years, we have seen numerous state and local debates about whether or not it should be legal, and few heated debates over it. Presently, it is one of top issues and hot topic on United States national policy. Now, I am sure that you have already figured out what I am talking about. Yes, you are correct! Marijuana it is! Marijuana is and will continue to be a hot topic for many. I chose to write this research paper on marijuana not only because I am a Political Science major, or because there has been a huge national, state, and local government buzz about it, but also because I want to learn more about marijuana. What is it about marijuana that makes it such a hot topic? Where did the drug come from? Why won’t the government legalize it? Now, if the conspiracy theorist in me wanted to come out of the closet, I would argue that the government won’t legalize it because of how much money they pocket from it. After all, we all know that war on drugs is not real-- but that could another research paper. First, it is important to know the history of marijuana. Marijuana is a naturally occurring plant. It was neither created, and was not developed as a replacement for another drug. The original plant where marijuana derives from is called Cannabis. The cannabis plant is dioecious. In other words, it has two body of plants- a male and a female. The male plant are higher and…

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