Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essays

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With growing support from scientists, doctors, citizens and people from around the nation, the use of marijuana is bigger than ever. Medical marijuana has been in the limelight for the past few years, throughout, many states have passed laws allowing the use of marijuana with a physician’s written recommendation. Studies have been conducted all over the world to show the benefits and negative effects of marijuana. A major step in legalization is the decriminalization of marijuana, even in states without medical approval. The question is, is marijuana harmful enough to remain illegal? Some states have even begun to decriminalize marijuana as a whole. In Florida, several cities and counties have given officers the right to give those who are caught with possession of 20 grams or less, a civil fine of $100.
Currently, Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance, putting it alongside heroin. A Schedule I substance is defined to have a high potential for abuse and is not accepted for medical use. According to an article by Diane E. Hoffmann, J.D., and Ellen Weber, J.D. “in October 2009, the Department of Justice issued a memorandum to U.S. Attorneys stating that federal resources should not be used to prosecute persons whose actions comply with their states ' laws permitting medical use of marijuana.” With the Justice Department’s new rules it allowed for states to begin implementing their new laws for medical marijuana.
The medical marijuana legalization movement is…

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