Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

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Whether or not marijuana should be legal has caused controversy in the United States. In her article “The Truth About Marijuana: Health Risks Trivialized” Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum focuses on the negative effects of this narcotic. On the opposite side of the argument is the Editorial Board of The New York Times. In their article, “Repeal Prohibition, Again” they give the economic reasons for legalizing marijuana. Although both The Editorial Board of The New York Times and Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum effectively use the Toulmin model in their writing, Steinbaum’s argument is more complete.
The Editorial Board of The New York Times has decided that it is time to throw out the ban on marijuana. Prohibition of alcohol in the United States did not last very long and put many otherwise innocent people behind bars. Marijuana use and distribution is now having the same effect. There are more arrests and imprisonments for marijuana each year than that of cocaine, meth, or other man-made narcotics. Alcohol and tobacco are more toxic to your body and immune system than cannabis; However, both are legal in America. Instead of wasting time arresting individuals for consumption and possession of a pretty harmless plant, America should change the law. Our country should let the states decide, and set an age restriction. Although the effects of marijuana are pretty minor on adults 21 or older, they are still being investigated for the developing adolescent brain. The article “Repeal Prohibition,…

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