Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay example

748 Words Oct 4th, 2014 3 Pages
There are so many dangers threatening American society today. There is violence in schools, work, and in the home. The economy is ever changing. However, marijuana is not posing a problem in America today. Legalization of marijuana should be allowed in the United States because it is not a harmful substance, it can provide medicinal benefits for ailing patients, and can provide funding for government programs .
Marijuana is not a harmful substance. Many people have come to believe it is. It has become a point of exaggeration. It is common knowledge that there are more deaths per year due to driving while under the influence of alcohol as opposed to under the influence of marijuana. When studying adverse side effects of marijuana use, “…cannabis has not been shown to be associated [with the cause of] lung cancer when adjusted to the same levels used for the tobacco studies,” (Kashyap, 2014). Still, citizens are prohibited from using marijuana even in their own homes, on their own time. For instance, the Drug-free Workplace Act of 1988 requires that employers who are federal contractors maintain a drug-free workplace (Mello 2013). However, due to the right employers have to administer random drug tests, an employee may be found guilty of violating this policy even if they used marijuana outside of the workplace. This even applies to an employee that has a legitimate medical condition and has been prescribed medical marijuana by their doctor. This is negatively…

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