Essay about Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Essay 1 First Draft
Marijuana has been a schedule 1 drug and strictly regulated since the seventies. However, a change is happening and twenty-nine states have legalized it for either medical or recreational use. In a result to legalization of marijuana much controversy has been involved. One of the main issues why marijuana is not legal is the belief it has an effect on IQ. For years the public has been informed about how marijuana has a negative effect on your IQ. As a teenager you are required to take a health class and in the class you are taught about the effects of marijuana. One of the side effects that teenagers are told is if they use marijuana as a teenager it will have a dramatic impact on their IQ, in a result, they will do poorly in school. Although many including myself believe this is not true and you cannot blame marijuana for low test score. To fight this belief an author published “No, marijuana use doesn’t lower your IQ” fighting the belief of how marijuana affects your IQ. Christopher Ingraham is not successful at comparing other drugs to cannabis; however Ingraham’s argument is nevertheless persuasive in facts because of his use of studies, statistics, and his own opinion. The following includes what the article consist of. To start Ingraham gives a run-down of Duke University’s study and how it was done in an unprofessional way. Duke University wanted to prove the negative effect of marijuana in a statistic so the public could be ensured that the fact…

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