Essay about Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Should We Decriminalize Cannabis?
For every action there is a reaction, the decision to legitimize or repudiate the use of cannabis goes beyond ethical opinion. When weighing the data provided, could the use of cannabis become more detrimental or become an aiding factor into society? Just like everything else that had its time in prohibition, could there be more uses of cannabis than thought to be? Might it be possible to provide and instruct the use to the masses in order to ensure safety throughout the environment? The factor of allowing any use of marijuana has been greatly debated, especially over the last decade as society begins to grow. New attempts in research have been focused on the way Marijuana may be used, but is it really something that should become legal?
Marijuana, a natural herb, is also used as a drug, which induces the user into a “high”, and it is illegal in many nations. Advancements in medicine during the last few years have been pushing towards finding medical usage for its purpose, for more and more people are becoming prone to side with cannabis legalization. The use of medical marijuana “refers to using the whole unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat a disease or symptom.” ("Marijuana." Drug Facts:. National Institute of Drug Abuse) In the long run, the use of marijuana isn’t supposed to be sought out as some type of miracle drug that will solve all health problems but instead a step in the right direction. It is seen to be an…

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