Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Should Marijuana Be Legal? "Drugs are bad for you" I remember being told this thing since I was a child and even today. The naturally found plant called Marijuana is recognized all around the world. It is known to be a drug which gives users a "high" feeling. Marijuana is addictive and one of the most illegal substance. Some people believe that legalization might make marijuana abuse and dependence less common, but the truth is it can cause many problems. Because of the use of marijuana, it will increase the number of people abusing drugs. For instance, if marijuana is legalized, people will start smoking it every day any time which will increase the drug use. They can smoke marijuana without getting in trouble or without being arrested. Moreover, if marijuana gets legalized, people will start growing these plants in their back yard or in the field. What if it is available cheap in the market or at any smoke shops? All these things ultimately increase the number of drug users. The debate of legalizing marijuana in the United States of America has been fought since the existence of various drugs and their effects. It may be true that Marijuana has been tested and proven to have positive impacts on humans for many reason, but I think the government should regulate the law to prohibit the use of Marijuana because it could cause serious problems to drug user 's health, their personal and social life, and public safety.

Marijuana should not be legalized because research…

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