Essay about Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Legalizing Marijuana
Legalized Marijuana can be helpful in all types of ways. Legalizing will further prevent teens from smoking marijuana and will protect people from smoking laced cannabis without their knowledge. However, those against it rely heavily on the fact that there is a possibility that marijuana can cause brain damage, but on the other hand, it can also cure types of pain and aid those with certain diseases.
Selling marijuana to teens is a popular trend throughout the Unites States. By legalizing we are keeping teens safe, keeping them from stunting their growth, and preventing addiction. Many drug dealers will sell marijuana to teens, legalizing marijuana will keep teens safe. Teens are more prone to getting synthetic marijuana because they aren’t wise with what they’re smoking. Synthetic marijuana can cause many issues such as sweating, loss of control, seizures, and psychotic episodes. Not only can synthetic marijuana be harmful, but it can contribute to the likelihood of domestic violence and sexual assault. Action News reported that on Friday, August 21st, 2015 that 17-year-old Cristian Santiago was robbed and murdered by four men over a small amount of marijuana. Tom Hogan a district attorney stated, “This case is a prime example of a brutal and senseless killing. The victim is dead, leaving behind a grieving family. The defendants are facing murder chargers. All over a little marijuana and money” (Action News). This is one of the reasons why the United…

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