Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

1550 Words Apr 23rd, 2015 7 Pages
Starting at a young age, children learn that all street drugs are an issue to avoid. People will say that no drug can be used for good intentions, and they will only harm your body. But what if there was some sort of “miracle drug” that has never killed anyone and has been used for centuries for multiple reasons? Well, this miracle drug is sitting right under our noses and is a lot more common than what one might expect. Since marijuana is a “drug” and is still federally illegal in most states, cannabis is considered a big “no-no.” In history, cannabis has been used to make rope, lotions, used as trade and was even grown in George Washington’s backyard.
However, in recent years, cannabis researchers have come to the astounding conclusions of medical usage of the plant. With many changes constantly happening in the medical field, uses of marijuana are becoming more and more well-known. Health benefits rather than its potential side effects should be considered in terms treatment. “In 1972, the US Congress placed marijuana in Schedule I of the Controlled Substance Act due to having ‘no possession of medical use.’ Some years later, 20 of 50 US states have now legalized the medical usage of marijuana. Among those twenty is our very own District of Columbia” (ProCon 2014). In modern society, marijuana is a highly concerned topic with many overestimated issues. Slowly, the truth about cannabis has begun to resurface. No longer is the drug being horribly discriminated against…

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