Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

772 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Every year, tax payers in the United States spend billions of their precious dollars on marijuana related arrests and punishments. On a daily basis, an outrageous amount of money for simple possession, of an arguable harmless substance, continues to multiply. Are taxpayer dollars being wasted? Is law enforcement focused on what is truly important for our communities? Why are so many arrests happening because of a substance that is legal the next state over? In the United States, arrests involving marijuana will cost taxpayers an estimated 10 billion dollars a year. Should someone breaking the law, be punished? Yes, we can all agree on that. But when will we all agree that our tax dollars need to be utilized elsewhere? Since some states have legalized marijuana, there has yet to be any proof that marijuana is a gateway drug, nor is there proof marijuana has a negative effects on the human body. Marijuana, being less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, to say the least, is treated as if it as dangerous as heroin or cocaine. So why are we still using such harsh punishments on citizen caught with this specific substance? Instead of spending the taxpayers’ dollars on arrests, jail time, prison time, probation-why not gain money with a simple citation? Similar to a speeding ticket, a ticket for possession of marijuana should be the overall punishment. In 2014, almost ninety percent of arrests were marijuana related. That is a lot of tax dollars not well spent. In all of those…

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