Essay about Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Marijuana. It is the drug that has caused much controversy in the past ten years. One might ask if it should be legal, or stay criminalized. Many are concerned with the affect marijuana has on the brain; saying it can be harmful to those who use it over a long period of time or it can ruin a young developing brain. Another concern affiliated with the drug is that it can be addictive for some to the point where one could be harmed when removed from one’s lifestyle. In some cases, academic failure is directly related to marijuana use in young adults. This causes parents to view marijuana as something “bad” for their children. Another element of marijuana, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), a chemical that impairs the senses and causes users to experience feelings and sensations that are not real, is much of the reason marijuana is illegal. Some believe that marijuana is a better alternative than drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. Many also claim that marijuana is less addictive than cigarettes, which can cause cancer in some cases. Marijuana has many different properties and effects that can be made on the human body.
Marijuana is made from the cannabis plant and has three subspecies: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and a third less well known, cannabis ruderalis (Blaszczak-Baxe, 2014). Cannabis sativa is the plant that users smoke and become intoxicated or “high” from. This is what one would call marijuana which has the psychoactive abilities. The second type,…

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