Should Marijuana Be Legalized For Recreational Use? Essay

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Should Marijuana be legalized for Recreational Use? Marijuana has been on the earth for millions of years. It is also the most controversial plant in the history of mankind, as once again the question of medicinal and recreational purpose comes to light. The term marijuana refers to the entire makeup of the plant itself, including the leaves, stems, flowers, seeds and its high inducing component known as THC. According to ancient Chinese literature, its use to achieve a recreational high dates back as far as 6000 B.C., and by 600 A.D. had reached widespread usage throughout Europe and Asia. Marijuana is known by many names including pot, chronic, blunt, weed, reefer and herb. Marijuana is most commonly consumed by rolling cigarettes known as joints or smoked in a pipe. There has even been speculation that marijuana was smoked by the Indians in their peace pipes; hence the name ’peace’ pipes as the high obtained from smoking the drug certainly induces a peaceful nature in the consumer. In colonial North America, Marijuana (hemp) was a major crop and was grown as a source for fiber. In addition, during World War II the plant was cultivated in this country when the Asian sources for hemp were cut off. Why all the confusion over hemp and marijuana? Is there a difference? In the cannabis family, hemp is the good child, marijuana the bad one. Over time, hemp was been unfairly linked to marijuana, although it does not produce the ‘euphoric’ high as does its…

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