Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1931 Words Dec 2nd, 2014 8 Pages
The “gateway” drug is not as bad as people make of it. Marijuana is not socially acceptable by the society, people believe it is harmful to the body and that it has no help for anyone. The drug also has health benefits, but people still do not want the drug legalized. Since they have known about the drug, there has not been any scientifically proven facts that it is physically addicting. The only way it hurts the body is if it is abused by the person, but it is the same way with alcohol, or even with cigarettes. People just need to use it for the good of their health and not abuse the substance. Marijuana is the second most popular drug, behind alcohol. Marijuana has some of the same effects that alcohol has; like it impairs reaction time, comprehension, and problem solving abilities. If alcohol is legal, then why is not marijuana, since it has some of the same effects on people as alcohol does? Marijuana should be legalized in all of the states because it has health benefits for others, it is not bad for a health, and it would help the revenue of states increase. Marijuana has been used to get euphoria for awhile, which alters the person’s mood and makes them feel good. It was described as a Chinese medicine in 2737 B.C. It has been used as a medicine since ancient time, and it is still used today. Then it spread to Europe and North America. It was grown for a source of fiber in these two nations. It was used a lot in World War two, to deal with the pains from wounds, and…

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